Request assistance with online course development or support for an existing online course.

Services (9)

Academic Continuity Support

Request college / campus distance learning assistance moving onground course materials to an online course section in the event of an on-campus emergency resulting in campus or university closure.

New course development

Submit a request for distance learning support staff assistance developing a new online course.

Extensive course revision

Submit a request for distance learning support staff assistance with an extensive revision to an existing online course.

Course support ticket

Request college / campus distance learning support staff assistance with an online course or general support question related to online learning.

Course roll-over to next academic term

Submit a ticket requesting assistance copying an existing course into a new course section for delivery to students.

In-person consultation

Schedule a consultation with college / campus DL support staff for assistance with an online course. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic consultations will be conducted at a distance using synchronous video conferencing technology.

Kent State Online course template

Request the Kent State Online course shell template (KSOT) for rapid online course development. The template may be use for both new course development or with an existing online course.

Student orientation modules for FYE courses

Request OCDE assistance deploying Student orientation modules to First Year Experience Courses or custom student orientation courses for colleges, campuses, academic units, and online programs.

Custom development

Request OCDE assistance developing custom learning assets, modules, or other non-typical online course development.