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Services or Offerings?
Request assistance copying an existing Ares course into a new course section(s).

Request a new Electronic Reserves master course for any face-to-face or online course. This will create one course template to copy to new sections as needed. This master course can be updated as needed.

Request assistance with proofreading, layout and support of Kent State University brand standards.

Request assistance with a new or existing continuing education program.

Submit a ticket requesting assistance copying an existing course into a new course section for delivery to students.

Request college / campus distance learning support staff assistance with an online course or general support question related to online learning.

Request assistance developing custom learning assets, modules, or other non-typical online course development.

Request general information, a new user account, or report an issue with the Acclaim digital badging platform.

University document that establishes intellectual property, sharing rights, and compensation for development of new online courses or extensive revision of existing online courses.

Submit a support ticket for help with issues accessing electronic course reserve materials.

Submit an issue with the KSU data feed of student information for online programs partnered with Everspring.

Request course copy service for student orientation courses associated with online programs partnered with Everspring.

Submit a request for university support for course development assistance with an extensive revision to an existing online course.

Request a faculty professional development workshop for a specific department, college, or unit.