Extensive course revision

An extensive course revision is defined as changes equal to or greater than 50% of the course learning materials, or substantial changes to course structure, course goals, and/or learning outcomes such that the essential nature of the course is changed. An extensive course revision may include any or a combination of the following:

  • a new textbook
  • significant restructuring of the course
  • moving the existing course to the Kent State Online template
  • replacing or revising significant numbers of assignments, discussions or narrated presentations
  • replacing or revising a significant amount of audio or video

Requests for assistance with an extensive revision to an existing online course should be submitted a minimum of one term prior to the desired course revision period. When requesting assistance, please follow the example time table below.

Scheduled delivery to students Latest possible development term Submit request for assistance
Fall term preceding Summer term preceding Spring term

Funding for Course Development Assistance

Academic units are primarily responsible for providing course workload release, monetary compensation, or other understanding with faculty. Departments may request funding from OCDE for course development. Priority consideration will be given to degree program courses and high enrollment, high D/F/W, Kent Core, and Ohio Transfer Module courses.

OCDE assisted course development requires a signed Agreement Letter establishing terms and conditions course development, including Kent State Online course design standards, and a signed Distance / Distributed Learning Agreement of Type II or Type IV.

Available to

Kent State University faculty, adjuncts, and graduate teaching assistants. Note: Graduate teaching assistant course developers must be working in conjunction with a department designated faculty coordinator.


  1. Approval from department chair for an extensive revisions of an existing online course.
  2. Download, complete, and attach the Online Course Revision Work Plan.docx to the request.
  3. Attach course syllabus to the request.
  4. Signed Distance / Distributed Learning Agreement.
  5. Signed Agreement Letter (for OCDE funded course development).

What happens next

Requests for assistance are sent to the department chair, program coordinator, or director of the person requesting assistance for approval. Once the request has been approved by the college, OCDE will send the required paperwork via DocuSign to the course developer, department chair, and dean for electronic signature. Prior to the development term, Kent State Online DL support staff will contact faculty to schedule an initial course development meeting.

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