Submit a project request

In order to be able to submit a project or ticket request via the service catalog, the user must first be signed into the client portal. Sign in using FlashLine credentials. The example below demonstrates how to submit a request for assistance with course development, however, the steps below apply to any type of project request.

Step 1. Access the Request form

In the example below, selecting the Request Assistance button will open the request form.

Step 2. Complete and Save the General section of the request form

Pay attention to the help text for each field when completing the form. Once the form is complete, Save.

Step 3. Mark the General section of the request form complete

Review the project request details, then mark the General section complete.

Note: In order to edit a section that has been marked complete, select the Mark Incomplete button.

Step 4. Attach files to the request form and mark the Files section complete

Whether or not any files are attached to the request, the Files section MUST be marked complete in order for the project request to move on to Review and Submit.

Step 5. Review and Submit the project request

Make sure both the General and the Files sections are marked complete, then Submit the project request.

Note: If the project request is saved but not submitted, the request will remain in the requestor's user account marked as "Unsubmitted". Saved project requests may be accessed by signing into the service catalog then selecting Services > Project Requests.

Once the project request is submitted, a dialog box will appear asking to continue. Select the OK button.

A confirmation screen will be displayed confirming the project request was successfully submitted.


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