New course development

Faculty members interested in offering a course in an online format should first discuss and seek approval from their department chair/school director and/or college dean, as applicable, through the academic unit’s established curricular processes. Courses that are new to the KSU course catalog should consult the established curriculum process and curriculum deadlines located on the Curriculum Services website.

A new online course is defined as either new to the university course catalog or currently exists in the university catalog, but only as a traditional face-to-face course.

Requests for assistance with new course development should be submitted a minimum of one term prior to the desired course development period. When requesting assistance, please follow the example time table below.

Scheduled delivery to students Latest possible development term Submit request for assistance
Fall term preceding Summer term preceding Spring term

Funding for Online Course Development Assistance

Faculty requesting compensation for online course development should discuss and seek approval from their department chair/school director and/or college dean. Limited funding for online course development during the summer term when faculty are not on contract may be available from OCDE.

Requests for OCDE funding should be submitted by the department chair/school director and/or college dean. Priority consideration for OCDE funding requests will be given to degree program courses and high enrollment, high D/F/W, Kent Core, and Ohio Transfer Module courses.

Available to

Kent State University faculty, adjuncts, and graduate teaching assistants.

Note: Courses in which GA's or TA's are assigned as course developers require a department designated faculty coordinator to oversee course development.


  • Approval from department chair/school director and/or college dean.
  • Attach course proposal/basic data sheet to the request or a link to the course in the Curriculum Information Management system (CIM).

What happens next

Requests for online course development assistance are confirmed with the department chair/school director and/or college dean. Per university policy, a signed Distance Distributed Learning Agreement (DDLA) is required for the development of all new online courses prior to the start of course development.

The DDLA, and any other required documents, will be sent via DocuSign for electronic signature by faculty, department chair/school director, and dean. At the beginning of the development term, distance learning support staff will contact the designated faculty course developer to schedule an initial course development meeting.

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