Course roll-over to next academic term

College / campus distance learning support staff can provide assistance with course copy to the next academic term. Course copy includes the following:

  • Copying an existing course from a previous term to a course section(s) in the current term
  • Minor clean up of the left-hand main menu
  • Set course to open on course start date, unless otherwise requested

For assistance with updates to course learning materials prior to course copy, schedule an in-person consultation.

Available to

Kent State University faculty, adjuncts, and graduate teaching assistants.


  1. Course must exist in the official university learning management system
  2. Course Combine, if applicable, must be completed first in order to provide the correct destination course CRN for course copy
  3. Request for assistance must be submitted no later than 4 weeks prior to the course start date

What happens next

Requests will be routed to college / campus distance learning support staff. Support staff will perform course copy no later than the Friday prior to the course start date, or earlier depending on the the request details, and notify the requestor once complete.

Request Course Copy

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