Update Your Course Banner (Kent State Online Template)

The Kent State Online Template comes pre-loaded with a course banner that is displayed at the top of the course home page. An example course banner is pictured below.

Image of a canvas course home page featuring the default course banner.


As you begin to customize your course, you may wish to change out the banner that appears on the course home page.

In Files, you will find several options to consider for the course banner. To preview these options:

  1. Choose Files from the course navigation.
  2. Select the Images folder.
  3. Click on the images titled "# - KSU logo.png" to preview them.


Image of the Files section of a Canvas course with the images folder open and a list of image files.


To use one of these banner options in your course, follow these steps:

Step 1. 

Navigate to the course home page. Choose Edit in the top right corner.

Image of a Canvas home page and the edit option circled in red for emphasis

Step 2. 

Click on the existing image and delete it. Click the drop-down arrow next to Images and select Course Images.

Image of a course home page with edit options open, the images option selected, and course images circled in red for emphasis.


Step 3. 

A new menu will appear on the right, presenting the images that are available in the course.

Image of the image options presenting from the course images edit tool

Step 4. 

Locate the banner option of your choice and click on it. The banner will be added to your page. Be sure to choose Save at the bottom right corner of the page.

Image of a course home page open in edit settings. Save button circled in red for emphasis.

Step 5.

Return to the home page to view your new banner!

Image of a canvas course home page


Note: If you prefer to create your own course banner, simply upload your image to Files and then follow the same steps listed above. The provided course banners are 2400 pixels wide by 450 pixels high. You can use images of any size, but images of greater height will take up more space on the page.

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