Sharing Course Development Folders

Folders can only be shared with users who have been provisioned valid KSU user accounts.

Note: In order to share a folder with a non-university user, a KSU guest account must be created. Please notify an OCDE SharePoint site admin to request a guest user account.

Step 1. Navigate to the Course Development Projects Folder


Step 2. Select the folder to share

Select the folder then click on the Share Icon or click on the three stacked dots menu icon, then select Share. Either option will open the share window.


Step 3. Share the Folder

Manage the access to the folder by setting the sharing permission of the link. Click on the sharing permission to view the options.

Step 3.1 Select the "Specific" option, then click on the Apply button.

Note: The root course development folder can be shared OR only a specific child folder such as the Content Dropbox folder. Edit rights to the folder will allow the faculty course developer to delete files; read only does NOT allow uploading of files.

Step 3.2 Enter the email address of the course developer, then click the Send button.

Note: It is possible to add multiple email addresses as well as add a custom message.


Step 4. End of Course Development

Once course development is complete, select the kabob menu on the course name then select the Manage Access option and change the permission to Can View which will allow the faculty to download course materials (but not delete or remove files from SharePoint). Another option is to change access to Stop Sharing, then download a zipped file of the course materials and email to the faculty course developer.

Note: If only the Content Dropbox folder was initially shared, a new view only link to the appropriate folder(s) containing the course materials may need to be shared. Also, if the size of the course folder is large it may not be feasible to stop sharing and email a zipped folder (150 MB limit on attachments in Outlook).


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