Update project status

Note: Only the designated Project Manager and Alternate Project Manager (and TDNext Admins) have the ability to update the status of the project. Details, not Manage, is the first project component for users who do NOT have the ability to update project status.

Step 1. Select the project to manage

Expand the list of project components, locate and select Manage.

TDX project components

Step 2. Update the status of the project

Select Project Details then click the green Update Status button.

TDX project details

Step 2.1 Update the project New Status attribute.

New Status attribute options:

  • New = Default status assigned to newly created/activated projects. This status indicates that the project is staffed (a manager has been assigned), but work on the project has not yet started.
  • On track = Project is progressing according to the plan and will be completed by the scheduled end date.
  • Ahead of schedule = Project is progressing according to the plan and will be completed ahead of the scheduled end date.
  • Behind schedule = Project is not progressing according to schedule. Monitoring is required to ensure project is completed by deadline.
  • No progress = Progress on the project has stopped. Immediate intervention is required to get project back on track.
  • Project Closing = Project has moved into the project closing phase, i.e. administrative tasks necessary to close the project.
  • Missing Paperwork =  Required project documentation is missing.
  • On hold = Work on the project is temporarily suspended.
  • Processing Expenses = Process, pay, and audit project expenses.    
  • Ready to Close = All tasks are complete; project is ready for review prior to closing.
  • Carryover = Work on the project will continue beyond the scheduled end date.
Step 2.2 Update the Health attribute.

TDX project status Health attribute

Health attribute options:

  • None = A blue line icon; no status, assigned to either a project that is new or has been closed.
  • Green = A green square icon; project is being actively worked on and progressing towards completion.
  • Yellow =  A yellow triangle icon; project is behind schedule and requires keeping a close watch over in case intervention is necessary. It may be necessary, but not required, to submit an issue against the project in order to resolve an impediment to progress.
  • Red = A red circle icon; no progress, immediate intervention is required. An issue(s) should be submitted against the project explaining this status.

Step 2.3 Update the project Percent Complete attribute.

The project Plans view (above) shows the OVERALL percentage complete of ALL tasks within the project plan, including partially completed tasks.

The project update window Tasks section (below) shows the status of tasks as a percentage which is NOT the same as the percentage complete. Since the percentage of tasks with a status of completed does not included any partially completed tasks (or cards), the Completed percentage will not match the overall percent complete of the project plan in Plans.

Furthermore, the In Process percentage does not take in to account a percentage of completion for partially completed tasks (or cards) either. Adding the Completed tasks percentage to the In Progress tasks (72.22% + 16.67% = 89%) will also not equal the overall completion of the project plan in Plans (83%).

Note: The overall percentage complete of the project may be adjusted by the project manager to compensate for weighing tasks, cards, or milestones in a project (this feature does not currenlty exist in TeamDynamix). If there is a large difference between the percentage complete submitted in a project update and the overall percentage completed listed in the project plan, the manager of the project should add a comment explaining the difference when updating the status of the project.

Step 2.4 Update the Comments attribute.

TDX project Percent Complete and Comments attributes

Locate the Comments attribute, provide 1-3 sentences that summarize the current status of the project. When writing project status update comments, keep the following in mind:

  1. The summary should answer the following question: is this project on track to finish within the project timeline. If yes, a very general statement about what’s being worked on in the project. If no, a very general statement why not.
  2. Detailed information is both good and necessary. However, detailed information should be communicated using comments on tasks, announcements to all resources on a project, or an issue submitted to the project manager.
  3. Assume anyone can and will read your status update comments. Write in complete sentences and always be professional and objective when assessing the project’s current status.


Step 3. Send a notification of the change in project status.

TDNext project status update notification attributes

Notification Options

  • Notify = TeamDynamix users who are resources or stakeholders on the project.
  • Notify Other People = TeamDynamix users not associated with the project, i.e. not resources or stakeholders.
  • Other Email Addresses = Anyone with a valid email address.

Note: Notifications initiated from within TDNext projects or tickets send an email to the recipient's email client (Outlook, Mail, Gmail, etc.) as well as record the status update within the feed of the project. Replies to notifications sent from the recipient's email client are also stored in the feed of the project.


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