Add Attachment to Existing Ticket

Step 1. Sign In to the Kent State Online service catalog

Note: A Kent State FlashLine username and password is required to submit or edit project requests or tickets via the service catalog

Step 2. Select Services on the blue menu bar

Step 3. Select Ticket Requests in gray menu bar

Step 4. Select the Ticket you would like to withdraw

Click on the name in the Title column to open the request

Step 5. Select the blue "Add Attachment" button

Note: A pop-up window will appear.

Step 6. Select Browse and select the file you want to attach

Step 7. Click the Upload button to attach file

After the pop-up window is closed, the attachment is accessible on the right hand side of the ticket.


Article ID: 59439
Mon 8/6/18 3:47 PM
Wed 1/27/21 3:45 PM