Creating an Ares master course

Non-credit and credit master courses containing copyrighted text-based course learning materials (PDFs, electronic journal articles, etc.) should seek assistance from the University Library to establish a corresponding Ares "master course" in order to provide students legal access to copyrighted materials.

Step 1. Request an Ares master course

Email the library,, to request creation of an Ares master course, including the following information:

  • Course number and name, e.g. ENG 11011 College Writing I
  • Blackboard ID, e.g. dev.master-15-ENG11011
  • Development term, e.g. Spring 2017
  • Name of ID/ET to add to the Ares master course as proxy user (if applicable)

Ares will send a confirmation the Ares master course has been created, including a unique corresponding 5 digit Ares Course ID number.

Note: A proxy user enrolled in an Ares master course has access to edit materials during the specific development period AND beyond. IDs or ETs who need access to existing Ares master courses for MCP or CC maintenance should contact the library and request to be added as a proxy user.

Step 2. Collect and share files with the library

  • Create a new folder titled 'Ares' in the course development project folder in Egnyte.
  • Upload any PDF articles students will access via Ares into the Ares folder.
  • Create a '[Course name] Course Reserves List.doc' information document; upload to the Ares folder.
  • Email the link to the Ares folder in Egnyte to

The Course Reserves List document is a guide for the library. Include the citations for any materials you want added to Ares as well as any information that will help. Be sure to include how you would like the entries displayed in Ares with any tags, titles, or authors you prefer. The list should also include at least a designation of; if we are supplying the materials to her, if the materials are available in the library, or if we do not have access to the materials.These can be indicated before each citation as such:

  • (have pdf)
  • (in library)
  • (???)

See the attached file for an example of this document.

Step 3. Update the Course Development Project

Enter the 5 digit Ares Course ID number corresponding to the newly created Ares master course into the Ares Course ID attribute in the General > Course Development Details section of the course development project details.

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