Program Course Migration to Canvas LMS

Please note that the contents of the article are subject to change and will be updated as new information is made available regarding Canvas implementation.

Goals for Program Migration from Bb Learn to Canvas
  • Deliver program courses in one LMS for best student experience.
  • Migrate program course content from Bb Learn to Canvas prior to scheduled delivery of courses.
  • Use Kent State Online Canvas course shell.
  • Faculty participation in a minimum of one scheduled and/or self-paced training.
Canvas Implementation Timeline
  • By directive of the Provost, faculty are FREE to choose the LMS in which to deliver courses until Bb Learn is no longer available; Summer 2022 all courses will be delivered in Canvas.
  • Programs should consult faculty when making decisions regarding when to “launch” in Canvas.
  • Most LTI integrations, which provide additional functionality to Canvas such as Pearson, WebAssign, etc., will be available Fall 2021. A list of LTIs, their implementation status, and a form to request LTIs not currently on the list can be viewed on the IT SharePoint site.
  • IT will create Canvas user accounts for faculty teaching Fall 2021 by May 15. Faculty will automatically be enrolled in a practice course and the Canvas in a Flash (faculty edition) orientation and training course.

Required Actions to Deliver Courses in Canvas
  • Determine the academic term to “launch” the program in Canvas. Factors to consider may include:
    • instructor availability to attend canvas training
    • support for migrating course content to Canvas
    • availability of critical LTIs.
  • Indicate in which LMS courses will be delivered. NOTE: Using either method the course section will populate within several hours, however, it may take Banner up to one week to sync instructor and student enrollement in the Canvas course section. This is a temporary and necessary process that will remain in place until Summer 2022 when all courses will be delivered in one LMS, Canvas.
    • EITHER faculty can use the Current Term LMS/Course Declaration Page tool located in FlashLine. Available May 24 for Fall 2021 course sections.NOTE: The application will be taken offline after the selection period for Fall 2021 courses closes and will be made available at a future date for Spring 2022 academic term.
    • OR department scheduler can enter the Canvas partner integration code for Canvas for all program course sections. Code = CANVS. NOTE: Course section will be created immediately within Canvas, however, the roster sync with Banner may take up to one week to complete. Instructors and students will NOT appear in the Canvas course section until the roster sync with Banner is completed.
  • Submit a request for course combine, if applicable. NOTE: Course combine may take 1-2 business days. Once the course has started and there is student activity (grades, submissions, discussion posts) the courses cannot be cross-listed (combined) or separated.

  • Set the course start date in Banner course sections created in Canvas.
    • Canvas course sections are set to PUBLISHED by default and will be visible to students.
    • Canvas course Participation setting is set to TERM by default, meaning the course start and end dates will automatically be set to the academic term dates.
    • Faculty are strongly encouraged to update course Participation setting to COURSE then set the course start and end dates.
  • Import the Kent State Online template from Canvas Commons into Canvas course sections.
  • Migrate course content from Bb Learn to Canvas course shells.
    • EITHER faculty can manually move materials from Bb Learn to Canvas. NOTE: Faculty who choose to migrate content on their own are encouraged to attend the Making the Switch from Blackboard training
    • OR faculty can use the Course Migration Page tool located in FlashLine. Available May 24 to ALL faculty. NOTE: The list of possible courses for migration does NOT include master/development courses which are not tied to Banner, i.e. have CRN codes.
    • ALSO Faculty may request campus/college DL support for help migrating master/development courses from Bb Learn to Canvas.
  • Encourage faculty to attend either scheduled and/or self-paced Canvas training.
  • Communicate to students in which LMS program course sections will be delivered. NOTE: Canvas student account creation is currently dependent upon creation of a course section in Canvas in which the student is registered. In order to ensure that students have access to Canvas prior to the course start date, faculty or department schedulers should select the LMS for program courses as soon as possible.

Canvas Training and Support for Faculty and Students

Programs in colleges or on campuses with dedicated distance learning staff are encouraged to coordinate their support needs with their college or campus staff prior to the proposed program “launch” term in Canvas. In addition, the following training and support is available:


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