Converting PowerPoint to Video - Mac

NOTE: Converting a PowerPoint to a video is supported in MS Office for Mac 2019 and newer.

Step 1: Ensure the PowerPoint presentation is ready for conversion. 

Ensure that audio has been recorded for all slides requiring narration. On each slide that has a recording, move the audio icon off to the side of each slide by clicking the icon and dragging it off of the slide image.

Select File then Export


Step 2: Change Format to MP4

Once the PowerPoint file is ready for conversion, select File and then Export. When the export menu opens, select a location to save the finalized movie file, and choose MP4 as the file format. In addition, select the quality of the video output. After your selections have been made, click Export.

Note: The higher the quality, the larger the video file will be.

Change to MP4 and then Export


Step 3: Wait for Conversion

When the export process starts, PowerPoint will send you back to your presentation where you will see a bar at the bottom of the screen indicating how the conversion process is progressing.

Note: The size of the PowerPoint file will effect the amount of time required to process the conversion to video. The PowerPoint file MUST remain open until the conversion process is completed. Otherwise, a pop-up message will appear asking if the process should be aborted.

Wait for Conversion - shows progress bar


Step 4: Upload and Check the Video in Kaltura

Once uploaded the video should play correctly with the audio in time with each slide.  If it does not, adjust the playback settings on each audio file to start automatically.  Select the audio file, choose Playback from the top navigation, and adjust the Start dropdown to Automatically.

Start Audio Automatically


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